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Why would an American president bow down to world leaders?   Why is it easy for politicians to stoke hatred for rich, fat-cat CEOs? And why do so many nations around the world hate America, the world’s lone superpower?  read more
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June 2011
I saw you in Phoenix for the Tea Party Summit and enjoyed your presentation. I have just finished Underdogma and found it incredibly profound in terms of identifying and explaining the concept.  It is tough to explain this to children, but I am sure that both of mine will benefit throughout their lives (as I will) with this understanding of human nature.
Thank you,

Dear Pat,
When I was speaking in Palm Desert, California recently, a gentleman bought a copy of Underdogma to give to his sons, who he said were becoming pure Underdogmatists and he wanted to give them the book to straighten them out.  “How old are they?” I asked.  “In their early 40’s” he replied.  Which tells us two things:  1) You will never stop being a parent, and 2) It’s never too late to use Underdogma to cleanse your kids of this destructive belief system.

March 2011

Great book Mr. Prell. I am a proud Tea Party Patriot, being a local coordinator for our County here in Western Pennsylvania. Yes that part of the country which our "dear" Leader, Barack Obama proclaimed we "cling to our guns and bibles." I must say we cling to much more. We cling to our American exceptionalism given to us by our founding fathers and mothers so long ago. Underdogma does an excellent job of describing what we, the many generations after those founding fathers and mothers have been taught down through the ages by our ancestors. The lesson taught to us, individual responsibility. Lessons of hard work, honesty, integrity, and compassion. Lessons taught to respect other folks and not covet what they have, but rather strive to become the best possible person we can be, and all of the riches this country will give to a person can and will be realized if they hold true to those lessons taught.

Underdogma clearly shows the difference. Those who are told they are weak, insignificant or powerless are automatically self-defeated by Underdogma. Underdogma defines exactly what I have said about the progressives in this country who promote social justice. It promotes an individual to hold out their hands in expectation, rather than putting their hands out to work hard to achieve their goals.

Every American is afforded the opportunity to realize endless rewards. The only barrier to those rewards is the individual themselves. We can choose to wait for it to be given to us, or we can take the "bull by the horns" and get it for ourselves. Underdogma promotes a sense of worthlessness. Achieving the American dream promotes self esteem and a great sense of pride. Underdogma is a slave owner. Progressives who use Underdogma to promote progressive ideals are the slave master's overseer.

We must help our fellow citizens understand they can break the chains of the slave master and from the control of the slave overseers. You Sir, have done a great job in explaining how we must break these slave chains forever. - Rod B.

February 2011 (February's winner is actually a post from Facebook)
Just finished Prell's book Underdogma and recommend it to everyone, regardless of political party, religion, or ethnic class. Some people want to know WHAT IS GOING ON.....Prell explains, WHY THINGS ARE GOING ON. Must read. This is a secular view of your habits that you may not reconize in yourself but you need to know them to make informed decisions in the future. - Joe W.

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