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Why would an American president bow down to world leaders?   Why is it easy for politicians to stoke hatred for rich, fat-cat CEOs? And why do so many nations around the world hate America, the world’s lone superpower?  read more
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Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Rejected White House Correspondents' Dinner Jokes
Michael Prell Attends Dennis Prager Book Launch at Ronad Reagan Library
Underdogma Quoted In New York Post Article
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, People always choose the underdog, regardless of the facts
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, March Madness: Obama Champions One-Percenters
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Kony Konservatives
“Tea Party Patriots” - the first authorized book of the Second American Revolution.  How many times is Underdogma and Michael Prell mentioned in the Tea Party Patriots book?  A correct answer will enter you into a draw to win an autographed copy of Underdogma!
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article,The Perfect Candidate in 2012? You.
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Thou Shall Not Covet
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, It's (NOT) The Economy, Stupid
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Meanwhile,Outside of Iowa...
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Fair Is A Four Letter Word
Michael wrote a Human Events article, Crusade for Fewer People on the Earth Seeks Volunteers
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, Pearl Harbor and the American Century

October And November
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, "Occupy Wall Street: a Declaration of Dependence"
Michael gave away a free Kindle Fire
Michael wrote a The Daily Caller, article, "Occupy Wall Street Benefits Wall Street"
Michael traveled cross country
Michael wrote a The Washington Times, article "The Obama Philosophy"
Michael's complimentary video to his article in the Torch

Michael wrote a Human Events article, "Obama's White House is a Harvard Frat House"
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article, "In Defense of Bullying"
Michael wrote a The Daily Caller article, "The definition of insanity: President Obama’s 'jobs plan'"
Michael wrote a Townhall.com article,  "Bachmann VS Obama: Submissive Wife or Submissive President?"

July And August
POLL: Arab World Hates Obama More Than Bush
ReviewRight in a left World
Michael explained why Obama thinks America is NOT Exceptional on the Greg Knapp Show
Michael wrote a Washington Times article “Obama and the end of American Power”
Michael toured Hillsdale College's Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies
Michael attended the CUFI summit with Glenn Beck & Ambassador John Bolton
Michael participated in Troopathon 2011 (raising more than $500,000)

The rise of Mother Earth
Barack Obama: 2012 Underdog?  Why would the most powerful man in the world cast himself as an underdog?  Find out why in Chapter 10: Political Underdogma.
Listen to Michael discuss Netanyahu's speech to Congress
Michael Prell Presents, "Defeating :Underdogmatism'" at Town Hall Seattle.
Review:  What Would The Founders Think?
Review:  Conservative Daily News
Review: The Cute Conservative

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