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Why would an American president bow down to world leaders?   Why is it easy for politicians to stoke hatred for rich, fat-cat CEOs? And why do so many nations around the world hate America, the world’s lone superpower?  read more
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Prell:  The rise of Mother Earth
The United Nations will soon consider a draft treaty penned by Bolivian President Evo Morales that would radically transform international law. If enacted, the treaty based on Bolivia’s recently-passed “Law of Mother Earth,” would give plants, animals, and bugs (daffodils, salamanders, and grasshoppers) the same legal rights as human beings. read more

Prell: Why conservatives should not criticize public employees for jobs that pay well
Answering today’s five OFF-SET questions is Michael Prell, a strategist with the Tea Party Patriots-the largest Tea Party group in the country-and author of the book, “Underdogma.” Prell writes that “underdogma is the belief that those who have less power (underdogs) are good-because they have less power, and those who have more power (overdogs)-are bad-because they have more power.  read more

Egyptian Protest Is No Tea Party
In February of 2011, thousands of Egyptian protesters used social media to organize rallies to oppose their government.  In February of 2009, thousands of American protesters used social media to organize rallies to oppose their government.  That is where the similarities end.  read more

Lessons of 1979: ‘Change’ you’d better believe in
From Egypt to Libya to Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, Jordan and Iran: “change” is in the air. But what kind of change?  While an exuberant White House dusts off its “CHANGE” posters and tries to plaster them on the Arab Street, more sober-minded analysts are warning that all this change could lead to a repeat of Iran in 1979.  read more

Michael Prell Presents At Tea Party Conference
watch here

China: U.S. No. 1 no more
by Michael Prell -
Top-linked on Drudge Report!
''If China becomes the world's No. 1 nation ... ." That was the headline in the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, The People's Daily, on the eve of Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to Washington.  read more

Underdogma fuels American Idol’s ratings by Michael Prell
TV’s No. 1 show American Idol returns on Wednesday, but does it have what it takes to stay No. 1?  The answer can be found in the psychology of what it means to be No. 1, and the time-honored American tradition of rooting for the underdog.  read more

Sarah Palin: Fishing for American Exceptionalism
by Michael Prell
Watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska" is like stepping back in time -- not to a time when Americans lived off the land and the sea, but to a time when our desire to be #1 was celebrated and not scorned.  read more

"War on Christmas VS Christmas Bombers"
by Michael Prell
’Tis the season to celebrate the annual festive tradition of refusing to call Christmas “Christmas.”  68% of Americans say they prefer to be greeted with “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays,” and yet each year the Anti-Christmas Brigade takes to the streets, and takes to the airwaves, to protest against Americans calling Christmas by its name.  read more

Tea Party Patriots Recommended Reading List
You’ve spent all this time fighting for America’s founding principles, but have you ever stopped to wonder…why would anyone fight against America’s founding principles?  read more

Why Palestinians? by Michael Prell
President Obama slammed Israel on Tuesday for announcing plans to build one thousand Jewish homes in East Jerusalem. This sparked a quick reminder from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that "Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is the capital of the state of Israel."  read more

QE2 vs the Titanic
by Michael Prell
Trying to solve our economic problems with more stimulus is like the captain of the Titanic trying to solve his iceberg problems with more acceleration.  read more
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