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Why would an American president bow down to world leaders?   Why is it easy for politicians to stoke hatred for rich, fat-cat CEOs? And why do so many nations around the world hate America, the world’s lone superpower?  read more
“Charles Krauthammer reveals in his exclusive interview for Underdogma that America has, for the first time, a President who believes that “America is not intrinsically good, not intrinsically exceptional…that we’ve been corrupt since our beginning, so we necessarily would want to curtail the power of such a country.”

Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer Prize-winning Columnist
Underdogma is the first great Tea Party book.  All Tea Party Patriots should read Underdogma.”

JENNY BETH MARTIN, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder and National Coordinator, TIME Magazine’s 15th most influential world leader 2010
“Michael Prell’s book, Underdogma, explains in detail how the Left masks anti-Americanism and anti-Western sentiment behind the American tradition of rooting for the underdog and how we can fight back against their rhetoric by reviving the American spirit of our founding fathers that transformed us from the ‘underdog’ to the greatest country on earth.”

NEWT GINGRICH, Former House Speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author
“Michael Prell skillfully exposes how our misplaced emphasis to cheer on the underdogs, especially in the international community, will erode America’s status not only as a superpower, but also as the greatest nation in the world.  A must read for anyone who believes in maintaining America’s presence as a global leader.”

Congresswoman MICHELE BACHMANN, (R, MN-6), leader of the Tea Party Caucus
“Analyzing and refuting the common assumptions of anti-Americanism is a critical contribution to the global political debate.  Thank goodness for this effort.”

JOHN BOLTON, America’s former Ambassador to the UN, author of Surrender Is Not an Option
Underdogma is the Rosetta Stone for our time’s most portentous puzzle:  Why do so many in this country - including some in leadership positions - abhor our national greatness and seek to diminish it at every turn?  Michael Prell has ‘broken the code,’ and in so doing made an invaluable contribution to preserving and strengthening American exceptionalism.”

FRANK GAFFNEY, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy, Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy
“Americans have sympathy for the underdog.  But that sympathy, Michael Prell argues, can be used by America's enemies to undermine faith in our culture and our country.  In Underdogma, Prell shows how that works-and what we can do to combat it.”

MICHAEL BARONE, FOX News contributor, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Senior Political Analyst, The Washington Examiner, Co-Author, The Almanac of American Politics
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“Flytilla” activists protest Israel, give Syria and Iran a free pass. 
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