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Why would an American president bow down to world leaders?   Why is it easy for politicians to stoke hatred for rich, fat-cat CEOs? And why do so many nations around the world hate America, the world’s lone superpower?  read more
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Charles Krauthammer in Underdogma
                                      Underdogma is the belief that underdogs can do no wrong-even
                                      when they do wrong, and those who have more power can do no
                                      right-even when they do right. According to those who practice
                                      Underdogma, the mere presence of American power was enough to
                                      provoke poor, sympathetic underdog terrorists into opposing
                                      America’s power the only way they knew how (hijacking planes and
                                      flying them into buildings) because “America is the real terrorist”
                                      and “America had it coming.” As Charles Krauthammer said in his
                                      interview for Underdogma, the United States of America has, for the
                                      first time, a President who preaches to the world that “America is not intrinsically good, not intrinsically exceptional…that we’ve been corrupt since our beginning, so we necessarily would want to curtail the power of such a country.” -Underdogma, pg 218. 
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